2-Inch Titanium Tubing and 5-Inch Titanium Pipe: A Comprehensive Guide to Titanium Tubes

Titanium tubing and pipes are in high demand for various applications in industries such as aerospace, medical devices, chemical processing, and power generation. Titanium tubing and pipes come in different sizes and thicknesses depending on the specific application they are needed for. The most common sizes are 2-inch titanium tubing, 5-inch titanium pipe, 2 titanium tubing, 1.75 titanium tube, 1 titanium tubing, 1-inch titanium tube, 5 titanium tube, 16.25 titanium tube, 3/4 titanium tubing, 1.5-inch titanium tube, 3-inch titanium tubing, 3 titanium tubing, 1/2 titanium tubing, 1.5 OD titanium tube, 1/4 titanium tubing, 2.25 titanium tubing, 2 inch titanium pipe, 4 titanium tubing, titanium 3-inch tubing, 5-inch titanium tube, 11.25 OD titanium tubing, and 3-inch titanium tubing.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to different titanium tube sizes, their properties, and applications.

2-Inch Titanium Tubing

The 2-inch titanium tubing is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. This size is popular in medical devices such as implants, surgical instruments, and dental instruments. It is also used in heat exchangers, hydraulic lines, and exhaust systems in aircraft and marine vessels.

175 Titanium Tube

The 1.75-inch titanium tube is a versatile size used in various applications such as chemical processing, pulp and paper production, and heat exchangers. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it ideal for use in corrosive environments.

1-Inch Titanium Tubing

The 1-inch titanium tubing is commonly used in bicycle frames, golf club shafts, and fan blades. It is also used in heat exchangers, hydraulic lines, and exhaust systems. Its durability and lightweight properties make it ideal for applications that require strength and low weight.

5 Titanium Tube

The 5-inch titanium tube is popular in chemical processing, seawater desalination, and offshore oil and gas applications. Its high corrosion resistance and strength make it suitable for use in harsh environments.

16.25 Titanium Tube and 3/4 Titanium Tubing

The 16.25-inch titanium tube is used in power generation plants, desalination plants, and oil refineries. The 3/4-inch titanium tubing is used in instrumentation and control systems in different industries. Both sizes have high strength and corrosion resistance properties.

1.5-Inch and 3-Inch Titanium Tubing

The 1.5-inch and 3-inch titanium tubing sizes are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and chemical processing. They are commonly used in exhaust systems, hydraulic lines, and heat exchangers.

1.125 OD Titanium Tubing

The 1.125 OD titanium tubing has high strength-to-weight ratio and is used in various applications such as medical implants, aerospace, and marine vessels. Its corrosion resistance and biocompatibility make it ideal for use in medical devices.

14 Titanium Tubing and 2-Inch Titanium Pipe

The 14-inch titanium tubing and 2-inch titanium pipe are commonly used in chemical processing, power generation, and offshore oil and gas applications. They have excellent corrosion resistance and high strength properties.

2.25 Titanium Tubing and 4 Titanium Tubing

The 2.25-inch titanium tubing and 4-inch titanium tubing are commonly used in heat exchangers, exhaust systems, and hydraulic lines. They have excellent corrosion resistance and high strength properties.


Titanium tubing and pipes come in various sizes to meet different application requirements. Each size has its unique properties and applications. Understanding the different sizes and their properties is crucial when selecting the right titanium tube for any application.

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