Advantages of Titanium Alloy Materials for Air Conditioning

Titanium metal is used as the coating material for air conditioners, because titanium metal has the characteristics of super hydrophilicity, dustproof, sterilization, heat conduction effect and so on. The thermal conductivity of titanium is 360k, the heat exchange efficiency is very high, and the cooling speed is faster, while the ordinary hydrophilic coated aluminum foil is less than 100k, which is far lower than the titanium gold air conditioner. The titanium gold air conditioner can reach within 5 minutes The cooling effect, which is simply impossible for ordinary air conditioners, is also a great advantage of titanium gold air conditioners. Most consumers recognize the health, energy saving, and long-term characteristics of titanium air conditioners. During the interview, reporters found that many air conditioner promotional pages also introduced titanium gold, also called space metal, which is the only thing on the earth that is not related to human bodies and plants. The reactive metal element, this metal itself has a cleansing habit and is not dusty, so it is clean and healthy. However, due to the appearance of similar products, many consumers have also questioned the patent of titanium air conditioners. Everyone also looked at the titanium gold air conditioner. Because of so many advantages, the titanium alloy air conditioner has been popular among consumers as soon as it is listed. The current titanium gold air conditioner on the market is in short supply, and the weather is getting hotter. The promotion of titanium air conditioners also triggered a wave of panic buying of titanium air conditioners, so when you buy, you should choose titanium alloy air conditioners from regular manufacturers, beware of buying cottage air conditioners.


Titanium air conditioner has a characteristic. After 5 or 6 years of use, the cooling effect is still the same as when it was first purchased. It is because the titanium alloy coating will not fall off and affect the cooling. Titanium itself has strong anti-oxidation ability and will not age. It will not fall off after a period of time due to aging. The main component of ordinary hydrophilic coating is a lipophilic group. This substance will be oxidized and naturally fall off after 1 year.


Many of its series of products emphasize the functional advantages of its titanium gold evaporator and other components in the functional description. After a period of comparison in the store, the titanium air conditioner is indeed more attractive, but now the market mainly focuses on the titanium concept air conditioner There are several brands, all claiming to be healthy, energy-saving, and long-lasting. I don’t know which one to choose. I claim that the air conditioner has begun to use titanium gold materials and nano-titanium. It is due to its high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and self-elimination. The characteristics of bacteria have become the new favorite of the air-conditioning industry. Because the titanium air conditioner is used, the aluminum foil is not easy to condense water, does not block the air path, and cools quickly. It is very power-saving and expresses doubts about the emergence of so many patented products. Since it is a patented product, there should be only one brand. Now there are so many titanium air conditioners. The patents claimed by the merchants are not true or false, or it is better to wait and see. In terms of energy saving, the titanium gold air conditioner does not maintain the energy efficiency of the air conditioner for a long time. Decreased, unlike other ordinary air conditioners, it has dropped from the original level 1 and 2 energy efficiency to level 4 and 5 in one or two years; after experiments, this performance can be maintained for more than 8 years, which is basically equal to that of an air conditioner. The service life is over.

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