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Application characteristics of titanium coil

Titanium coils are mainly used for heating and cooling containers, fixed in removable rather than removable two kinds, according to the medium of corrosion, but mainly in the removable design based, easy to maintain and clean.

Titanium is a very reactive metal with a very low equilibrium potential. Thermodynamic corrosion is often a large medium. But in fact, titanium in many medium stability, such as titanium in oxidation, neutral and weak reduction medium, is corrosion-resistant. This is because there is a great affinity for titanium and oxygen in the air or oxygen medium, and generates a dense layer of titanium oxide film, adhesion, inertia, and protect the titanium matrix from corrosion.


Titanium alloy is an ideal structural material for aerospace engineering because of its low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and good processability. In the actual production environment, different types of corrosion will occur.


In most of the titanium salt solution, no pitting phenomenon occurred in non aqueous solution and boiling chloride high consistency solution, passivation film, corrosion on the surface of titanium and titanium diffusion and pitting halogen ions in the solution, the pore size is less than the depth of it. Some of the organic medium and the pitting corrosion occurs in the solution of halogen, wear titanium alloy of titanium alloy in solution of halogen usually occurs in a high temperature environment, in addition, need certain conditions and restrictions in sulfate and chloride corrosion.


Besides, Ti coil equipment would be applied in marine field. Titanium and its alloys are widely used in ships, hull structure, deep-sea research vessel and submarine pressure shell, pipe, valve, rudder and propeller shaft bracket and accessories, power transmission and propeller shaft, heat exchanger, cooler, Hull Sonar Dome, etc.. In addition, titanium coil equipment is also used in marine fisheries, marine thermal energy conversion, and other fields, such as Japan in artificial breeding technology, a large number of use of titanium nets and maintenance of certain water temperature of titanium tubes, heat exchangers, and so on. In the marine thermal energy conversion, the United States, Japan’s temperature difference power station evaporator, condensation, and water suction, the use of titanium equipment recycling system, and achieved good results.


Titanium heat exchangers also need regular cleaning and maintenance, otherwise their performance will be affected by dust. It is well known that titanium heat exchangers are prone to use for a long time, surface fouling, which will greatly affect the efficiency of titanium heat exchanger conversion, regular cleaning, maintenance of the necessity of titanium heat exchanger.

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