Application of Titanium Tubes

According to the estimates of the chemical industry department, the current application of titanium tube equipment has expanded from the initial soda ash and caustic soda industry to the entire chemical industry. The annual use of titanium tubes in the chemical industry will exceed 1,500 tons. After the 1970s and 1980s, the national vacuum salt production Enterprises have gradually begun to use titanium tube metal materials to manufacture equipment, and as a result, the corrosion of equipment has greatly improved.

Sulfides, chlorides and other corrosives in petroleum processing products and cooling water are severely corrosive to the oil refining equipment, especially the atmospheric and vacuum tower top condensing equipment at the low-temperature light oil part during the petroleum refining process, and the problem of equipment corrosion has become a problem in the oil refining industry. One of the outstanding issues.

In recent years, the United States, Japan and other countries have introduced titanium control equipment into these highly corrosive links, and achieved good results.

Titanium tubes have been used in racing cars for many years. The lightweight and high-strength properties of titanium tubes have long been concerned by automakers. At present, almost all racing cars use titanium tubes (hand-held spectrometers). Japanese automotive titanium tubes have exceeded 600 tons. With the development of the global automotive industry, automotive titanium tubes are still increasing rapidly.

Metal implantation in the human body is a very rare surgical operation, with the improvement of medical technology. Because titanium tube metal has weak rejection reaction with human tissues, it is widely used in artificial bones, artificial joints, artificial teeth and other human implants. In addition, the application of titanium tubes in pharmaceutical machinery and medical equipment has also been further recognized, and future demand cannot be underestimated.

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