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Application of Titanium Welded Pipes

At present, titanium welded pipe has become the first choice for many industries to replace stainless steel pipes, copper-nickel alloy pipes, and titanium seamless pipes. In the past, most of the condensing tube in my country’s seawater desalination equipment was made of copper alloy tubes, but its corrosion resistance was poor, and with the rise of copper prices, the cost also increased a lot.

Later, stainless steel welded pipes with good corrosion resistance gradually replaced copper alloy pipes as the most important condensing pipe material. The application of titanium welded pipes is gradually expanding, and many countries are more willing to use titanium welded pipe with high cost but better corrosion resistance.

Both thermal power plants and nuclear power plants need to use a large number of heat exchanger devices, such as condensers, condensers, heat exchangers, etc. These power plants mostly use sea water as the cooling medium, and generally use corrosion-resistant, long-term maintenance cycle titanium welded pipes as the cooling pipeline.

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