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Application of titanium wire

Classification of titanium wire

Titanium and titanium alloy wires can be prepared according to different performances. They are generally divided into: pure titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, pure titanium eyeglass wire, titanium straight wire, titanium welding wire, titanium hanger wire, titanium plate Wire, titanium bright wire, medical titanium wire, titanium-nickel alloy wire, each has different uses. For example, pure titanium spectacle wire is mainly used to make spectacle supports, titanium hanger wire is used to hang weight, and titanium-nickel alloy wire is commonly used as memory alloy material.

Application of titanium wire

Titanium wire also perfectly “inherited” the advantages of titanium and titanium alloys, with a series of good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, non-magnetic, high biocompatibility, low impedance to ultrasound, and better shape memory function. Excellent characteristics.

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