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Are titanium implants safe?

Titanium has a “probiotic” nature. In the human body, it can resist the corrosion of secretions and is non-toxic, and it is suitable for any sterilization method. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of medical devices, artificial hip joints, knee joints, shoulder joints, flank joints, cranial bones, active heart valves, bone fixation clips. When new muscle fibers are wrapped around these “titanium bones”, these titanium bones begin to maintain normal human activity.

Titanium is widely distributed in the human body, and the content in normal human body is not more than 15 mg per 70 kg body weight, and its effect is not clear. However, the role of titanium in stimulating phagocytic cells and enhancing immunity has been confirmed.

Titanium has no harm to the human body and first meets the pursuit of health and longevity. It has been proved by medical practice that titanium organs can be implanted inside the human body for a long time, showing that it is harmless to the human body, good biocompatibility and incomparable. The stability of loyalty makes the titanium decoration not have allergies after long-term contact with the human body, and has no adverse effects on the skin, nerves and taste. Like your lover, it has a high hat: pro-biometal. Therefore, it is absolutely harmless to the human body and can be the first choice for modern people with skin allergies.

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