Welding knowledge of titanium tube

Titanium tube welding is a TiG welding process which uses inert gas to protect welding zone effectively. Because of its special physical and chemical characteristics, the welding process of titanium […]

Titanium fastener application

Description: Our titanium bolts are Hot forged for higher strength, instead of Machined head.  We focuses on supplying high quality Titanium Fasteners  products to worldwide customers at competitive prices. Non-standard […]

Does Titanium Rust?

Metals rust and corrode as the result of the metal breaking down when exposed to extreme, wet or acid dominated environments. All metal eventually experiences this kind of break down. […]

TSM Titanium Seamless Tubes

Standard: ASTM B 861 ASTM B338Material: Gr1, 2,5,7,9,11,12,16Size:Dia 6.0-114.3mm, length 18m(max)Inspection: PT, UT, X-ray, Eddy test Advantages: Most competitive price, quality assurance Certificate EN102043.1 and customers request test. On time […]