Gr 2 &Gr 5 Titanium fasteners

Details of our Export Products to France GR2 As drawings M6 x175 115pcsGR2 As drawings M3 x12 100pcsGR5 DIN912 M2.5 x3 300pcsGR2 DIN912 M1.6 x3 250pcsGR2 DIN912 M2 x5 200pcsGR2 […]

Gr2 titanium flat bar

The titanium flat bar has shipped to our new customer from Thailand last Wednesday. Description: titanium falt bar Gr2 Size: 10 x10x2600mm10x10x400mm Quanties: 60pcs If you are interested in our […]

The Application of Titanium

At TSM, we work with many manufacturers, engineers and designers that use titanium in a wide variety of products and projects. Titanium is extremely tough yet lightweight, boasting the highest […]

Titanium properties and Characteristics

Properties Titanium Atomic Symbol: Ti Atomic Number: 22 Element Category: Transition Metal Density: 4.506/cm3 Melting Point: 3034°F (1668°C) Boiling Point: 5949°F (3287°C) Moh’s Hardness: 6 Characteristics Alloys containing titanium are known […]