Specifications of TSM Titanium Tubes

The titanium tube is light in weight, high in strength and superior in mechanical properties. It is widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as tube and tube heat exchangers, […]

The Advantages of Titanium Welded Pipes

The production process of titanium seamless tube is complicated. Three-roll or multi-roll rolling mills and drawing machines are conventionally used to roll or draw a tube blank of a certain […]

Corrosion Resistance of Titanium Tubes

Generally speaking, titanium tubes have better corrosion resistance in oxidizing media (such as nitric acid, chromic acid, hypochlorous acid and perchloric acid, etc.). In reducing acid (such as dilute sulfuric […]

How is TSM seamless titanium tubing produced?

Purchasing titanium Sponge Compress to electrode section Welding to 1 ton electrode bar Drying 1st melting to 1 ton ingots Cooling&trimming Welding 2 tons bar Drying 2nd melting Cooling&trimming Machining into 2 […]

ASTM B265 Titanium Gr2 Sheet

The most obvious difference between titanium plate/sheet and titanium plate/sheet in coil is production techniques. Usually, titanium plate in coil mainly used cold rolling.   We can supply: ASTM B265 […]