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Basic knowledge of titanium anode and its advantages

1- What is titanium anode?

The titanium anode is called a titanium-based metal oxide coated titanium anode (MMO). Also called DSA anode(Dimensionally Stable Anodes).It uses titanium as the substrate and brushes the precious metal coating on the titanium substrate to make it have good electrocatalytic activity and electrical conductivity.

Titanium anodes is classified according to gas released from the solution by the anode in the electrochemical reaction. If it is chlorine, we call it chlorine evolution anodes,such as ruthenium-coated titanium electrode.If it is oxygen, we call it oxygen evolution anodes , such as iridium coated titanium electrode and platinum-titanium mesh/plate anode.


2- The advantages of titanium anode.

1> The dimension of titanium anode is stable and the distance between electrodes does not change during electrolysis, which can ensure that electrolysis operatio n can be carried out under the condition of stable tank voltage.

2> Low working voltage, low power consumption, dc power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%

3> Titanium substrate anode has excellent anti-corrosion, can work longer.

4> Compared with graphite anode and lead dioxide anode, it can overcome the dissolution when working. Also avoid the contamination of electrolyte, inhance the purity of cathodic products.

5> High current density, low overpotential, high catalytic activity of electrode, can effectively capture high production efficiency.

6> It can avoid short circuit after lead dioxide anode deformation and improve current efficiency.

7> Shape making is easy and can be made with high precision.

8> Titanium substrate can be recyclable .

9> With low overpotential characteristics, bubbles on the surface between electrodes and electrodes can be easily removed, which can effectively reduce the electrolytic cell voltage.

In electrolytic metallurgy, it can replace the conventional lead alloy anode, under the same conditions, the voltage can be reduced, and the power consumption can be saved.


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