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How is TSM seamless titanium tubing produced?

Purchasing titanium Sponge

Compress to electrode section

Welding to 1 ton electrode bar


1st melting to 1 ton ingots


Welding 2 tons bar


2nd melting


Machining into 2 tons ingots

Sampling for Chemical composition analysis

PMI verification

Heating ingots

Forging to bar

Bars inspection and marking

Square ends and Sawing blanks

Locate drilling hole

Drilling and machining

Inspection & grinding

Cooper sheet covering

Heating hollow bar before extruding

Extruding to Hollow billet


Peeling cooper sheet

Pickling and Rinse

Square end &Visual inspection

PMI Verify&Sampling for test

Issue MTC for Hollow billets

Hollow billets receiving inspection

Shaving & Grinding

Cut to sections

Internal boring

Degreasing and Pickling

Visual inspection

Rough cold rolling

Degreasing and Pickling

Intermediate inspection and Grinding

Internal Vacuum Annealing


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