How to identify the quality of titanium rods

How to identify the quality of titanium rods

How to distinguish the quality of titanium rods when purchasing titanium rods? The following points may help you.

1. Counterfeit and inferior titanium rods often have the appearance of pitting.

The pitted surface is the shortcoming of the irregular surface of the titanium material due to the serious wear of the rolling groove. Because the manufacturers of fake and inferior titanium rods seek profit, they often show overruns in groove rolling.

2. The fake and inferior titanium rods are simply scratched. The reason is that the equipment of the fake and inferior titanium rod manufacturers is simple and prone to burrs and scratches the surface of the titanium material. Deep scratches reduce the strength of titanium.

3. The cross ribs of fake and inferior titanium rods are thin and low, and often appear to be dissatisfied. The reason is that the manufacturer has reached a large negative tolerance, the reduction of the first few passes of the product is too large, the iron type is too small, and the hole type is not full.

4. Fake titanium rods are easy to fold.

folds are various fold lines formed by the appearance of the titanium rod. This shortcoming often runs through the longitudinal direction of the entire product. The reason for the folding is that the counterfeit manufacturers seek high efficiency, the reduction is too large, the ears occur, and the folding occurs during the next rolling. The folded product will crack after bending, and the strength of the titanium material will be greatly reduced.

5. The appearance of fake titanium rods is prone to scarring.

There are two reasons: (1). The raw materials of fake and inferior titanium rods are uneven and there are many impurities. (2) Fake and inferior material manufacturers have simple equipment and simple adhesion of titanium. These impurities are prone to scars after rolling.

6. The appearance of fake and inferior materials is prone to cracks, because the blanks are adobes, which have many pores. The adobes are cracked due to the effect of thermal stress during the cooling process, and cracks will appear after rolling.

7. Fake titanium rods have no metallic luster, and are light red or similar to pig iron.

There are two reasons for   . Its blank is adobe. The rolling temperature of fake and inferior materials is not standardized, and their titanium temperature is visually inspected, so that rolling cannot be carried out according to the regular austenite area, and the function of the titanium material is naturally not qualified.

8. The cross section of the fake titanium rod is oval.

The reason is that in order to save data, the manufacturer has a large reduction in the first two passes of the product roll. The strength of this threaded titanium is greatly reduced, and it does not meet the specifications of the threaded titanium shape.

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