Main usage of Titanium Screws

Industrial enterprises generally use titanium screws for knowledge, they will not rust and cause structural collapse. When screws from other metals are used for construction, they lose their strength due to stability under severe weather conditions is very common. The destruction of ordinary screws that perform additional renovations is an expensive business, so titanium is recommended. Their reliability means that these screws are suitable for important construction projects, especially external structures.
There are a variety of titanium screws including hexagon bolts, flange bolts, washers and fenders. Titanium also proves popular when it comes to choosing motorcycle axles. Ordinary screws were made of steel, brass and bronze, and titanium was slowly replaced by their president.
Titanium screws are also used in plastic surgery. They also pass special requirements from orthodontists who seek to make dental implants more stringent. This is because the implant is in the bone and does not depend on the patient to keep it in place. Some clinical studies have shown that when titanium screws can be used to keep the implant in place, orthodontic treatment is successful in 97% of cases.

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