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Preservation Environment of Titanium Welding Wire

Under the recommended storage conditions, the original unpackaged titanium welding wire should be kept in the “factory new” state for at least 12 months. Of course, the longer storage time depends on the surrounding atmospheric environment (temperature, humidity, etc.).
The recommended storage conditions for the warehouse are as follows: the room temperature is greater than 10-15 degrees Celsius (not more than 40 degrees Celsius), and the relative humidity does not exceed 60%. Titanium welding wire should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated warehouse. It is forbidden to store harmful gases and corrosive media (such as sulfur dioxide) outdoors or indoors.
The room should be kept clean and tidy. When stacking, it should not be placed directly on the ground. It is best to place it on a shelf or pad that is not less than 300 mm away from the ground and from the wall to keep air circulating and prevent moisture.
Due to the wide variety of welding methods and steel materials suitable for titanium welding wire, the shape and bundle state of the welding wire coil are also different. According to the different wire feeding mechanism, the shape of the coil can be divided into disc shape, bundle shape and cylindrical shape.
Therefore, during the handling process, littering should be avoided to prevent damage to the packaging. Once the packaging is damaged, it may cause moisture absorption and rusting of the welding wire.

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