Special corrosion form of titanium screws

Titanium screws have strong corrosion resistance, but they will corrode quickly under certain special conditions. How can we avoid the disadvantages caused by corrosion of titanium screws? The first thing to understand is how the titanium screws are corroded.

The concept of the corrosion rate of titanium screws is basically only applicable to general corrosion or general corrosion. How do you distinguish between the two cases?

For purified titanium metal, corrosion damage, especially equipment damage, cannot usually be characterized and judged by the corrosion rate, and the corrosion loss per unit area or the corrosion depth per unit area. Because the corrosion of titanium is basically in the form of local corrosion damage, although it is not unique to titanium, at least titanium can be made particularly prominent. Therefore, on the basis of understanding the overall corrosion of titanium wire, the local part of titanium is discussed. Corrosion is an indispensable and inseparable component. It may be said that it is of particular importance for the selection of titanium.

The local corrosion forms of titanium screws are particularly prominent in combustion and ignition, hydrogen absorption and hydrogen embrittlement, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and weld corrosion. Among them, combustion and ignition and hydrogen absorption and hydrogen embrittlement are particularly serious forms of corrosion damage. In the titanium screw processing production, if you encounter these must pay attention to, remember to check the corrosion of the titanium wire in time, so that you can better grasp.

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