Specification of Titanium Welding Wire

Grade AWS A5.16 ASTM B863
Commercial Pure Titanium ERTI- Gr 1.2.3
Ti 6Al-4V ERTI-5 Gr 5
Ti 6Al-4V Eli ERTI-5 Eli Gr 23
Ti Pd ERTI-7 Gr 7
Ti 3Al-2.5V ERTI-9 Gr 9
Ti 0.3Mo-0.8Ni ERTI-12 Gr 12

titanium is a new type of the princess, the performance of the titanium and contains impurities such as carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen content in about 99.5% .

industrial pure titanium performance is: the density of 4.51 g/cm, melting point is 1672 ℃, thermal conductivity Thai number 15.24 W/(m K), tensile strength of 539 MPa, the elongation is 25%, 25% reduction of area, elastic modulus x105 1.078 MPa, hardness of HB195

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