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The Advantages of Titanium Welded Pipes

The production process of titanium seamless tube is complicated. Three-roll or multi-roll rolling mills and drawing machines are conventionally used to roll or draw a tube blank of a certain specification through multiple passes, and finally produce seamless tubes after diameter reduction and wall reduction. The production efficiency and yield rate of this process are low. From sponge titanium to pipe, the material waste is large through rolling or drawing, the yield rate is only about 50%, and large-scale mass production cannot be realized, and the production cycle is relatively long.

The titanium welded pipe is produced through an automated continuous production line, using titanium strips with uniform wall thickness through cold bending forming, welding, online heat treatment, sizing and straightening, non-destructive testing and air tightness testing. From sponge titanium to welded pipes, the material utilization rate is usually around 80%.  If the titanium coil is used as the raw material, the material utilization rate is above 95%. With the rapid development of the domestic titanium industry and the increasing maturity of welding technology, the production efficiency of titanium welded pipes will also be greatly improved, and the quality stability, consistency and production efficiency will be higher. It can be cut to the required length according to customer requirements.
The delivery time is short, the material utilization rate is high, and the unit cost will be lower than that of seamless pipes.

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