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The Characteristics of Titanium Heat Exchangers

After the development of the titanium heat exchanger, because of its obvious characteristics, it is very inclined to use titanium heat exchangers in some industries. Then we will describe its application by introducing the characteristics of the heat exchanger.

So what are the characteristics of titanium heat exchangers? The first is that the metal ions of the titanium heat exchanger are not easy to lose, so we can make full use of this non-magnetic feature of the titanium heat exchanger when we use it. Whether in the pharmaceutical industry or in the food industry, the use of titanium heat exchangers is very obvious. In particular, titanium has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, so that the titanium heat exchanger can be used for a longer time when in use, and the number of maintenance is very small.

In fact, when we use the heat exchanger in reality, the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger is closely related to the materials used in the heat exchanger and the manufacturing process of the heat exchanger equipment. Because in the process of boring early concentration, solutes or impurities can be deposited and crystallized on the surface of the heat exchanger to form a fouling layer, which will affect the heat exchange efficiency of the titanium heat exchanger. Some of the solutes are heat-sensitive, and if they are exposed to high temperatures for too long, they will be deformed or deteriorated.

In the application of heat exchangers, titanium heat exchangers are widely used in all kinds of seafood farming, sea water heat exchange, salt water heat exchange, chemical industry, food, medicine, metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, electroplating by virtue of their excellent performance. Industry, aluminum oxidation tank, salt making, paper making, ultrasonic, electronic communication, central heating and other industries and fields. From our many kinds of heat exchangers mentioned above, we can also see how excellent the titanium heat exchanger is.

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