The Reasons For The Rapid Development Of Titanium Alloy

Titanium is very abundant on the earth, accounting for about 0.42% of the total weight in the earth’s crust, 16 times the total amount of copper, nickel, lead and zinc. Although it has a lot of storage, it was rarely used before, mainly because of the difficulty of mining, processing and high cost. In the 18th century, human beings have discovered the existence of titanium, but it was not developed until the may-1960s of last century. Of course, the development of titanium alloy at that time was mainly to meet the performance needs of advanced fighters, submarines and other equipment at that time. Now we can use titanium alloy, which is stained with their light. Next, let’s learn some facts about titanium alloy!

As mentioned above, titanium, although widespread on the earth, is difficult to exploit. As early as 1791, William Gregor, an Amateur British miner and church pastor, dug up some curious black sand in a stream near Cornwall. Then in 1795, the German chemist Martin Heinrich krapros discovered this strange oxide, which was named “titanium oxide”. Although it was discovered as early as the end of the 18th century, it was not until 1910 that pure titanium was separated from oxides. That is to say, it took more than 100 years from discovery to application. It’s not easy to exploit and use. How difficult it is for us.

It is the lightest and strongest metal on earth. Its rapid development is mainly due to the development of military industry

As mentioned above, titanium alloy has excellent performance. At the beginning of development, it was mainly used in the military industry, which has very high requirements for materials, because the operation environment of fighter and other equipment is very harsh.

Pure titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal on earth. It is as strong as steel, but 45% lighter. At present, titanium alloy products are mainly used in aircraft engines, aircraft fuselage, rockets and so on. The A380, the world’s largest airliner, contains 70 tons of titanium and is mainly used for engines. It is also widely used in submarines, such as the famous “typhoon” class nuclear submarines in Russia, which use a lot of titanium alloy. Of course, titanium alloy can reduce the weight of the body, but the cost is relatively high.

In our daily life, we often see a lot of metal products will rust, that is, these metal products exposed to the air, and oxygen oxidation reaction results. Therefore, in order to slow down the rusting and oxidation of metal products, we usually coat them with a layer of antirust agent to reduce their contact area with oxygen, so as to alleviate the rusting problem.

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