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Titanium fastener application


Our titanium bolts are Hot forged for higher strength, instead of Machined head.  We focuses on supplying high quality Titanium Fasteners  products to worldwide customers at competitive prices. Non-standard and special size is available according to your drawing or requirement.

Fasteners Type:

Titanium Bolts
Titanium Hex Nuts
Titanium Screws
Titanium Threaded Studs
Titanium Washers


Low Density and High Specification Strength
Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Good resistance to effect of heat
Excellent Bearing to cryogenic property
Non Magnetic and Non-toxic
Good thermal properties
Low Modulus of Elasticity


Equipment accessories: Airplane, ship, bicycle, motorcycle, auto, medical, chemical, wheel, sports, anchor, weapon, etc.
Chemical requirements (Nominal %)

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