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Titanium Gr 2 & Gr7 Plate Bar Wire & Flange

The titanium plate, bar, wires and flanges has shipped to our Iran new client last June.

Specification: ASTM B265 plate Gr7

ASTM B348 Bar Gr2

AWS A5.16 Gr2 welding wires (coil)

DN40 PN16 Gr2 titanium Blind Flange

Size: 8 * 400 * 400mm & 4 * 350 *  350mm plate 8.3kg

Dia 15*600mm 4pcs

Dia.2.5mm wires 2kg

DN40 PN16 Ti Blind Flange 4pcs

If you are interested in our titanium bar, please feel free to contact us tsm@tsm-titanium.com.

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