Titanium Heat Exchangers Introduction

The titanium heat exchanger industry is the foundation of industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, and aerospace manufacturing. On the whole, China’s titanium industry chain is in a structural imbalance of high and low-end supply and demand.

China is a country with large reserves of titanium ore resources, but high-purity titanium concentrates still need to rely on imports; China’s sponge titanium production has ranked first in the world, and the overall supply of sponge titanium is much larger than demand, but aerospace-grade high-end sponge Titanium production capacity is still insufficient.

At present, the main added value in the titanium industry chain is in the processing and application of middle and downstream titanium materials.

In the field of titanium processing, China’s production capacity of high-end titanium is relatively scarce. Almost all titanium used in civil airliners currently comes from imports.

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