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1, construction workers and welders should wear clean white gauze gloves (to prohibit the use of cotton gloves).

2. It is forbidden to touch and touch the iron objects in the treated welding area.

3. The welding work should be carried out indoors as much as possible. The ambient wind speed should be ≤ 0.5m/s to avoid being affected by the draft.

4. When welding, short arc welding should be adopted as far as possible, and small welding heat input should be adopted. The angle between the nozzle and the weldment should be kept between 70 and 80 degrees.

5, when the tack welding, the docking gap is generally about 0.5mm.

6, each weld should be welded once as much as possible, must be welded weld, the interface should be cleaned before welding, welding meat overlap length of 10 ~ 15mm.

7. When welding, the torch should not swing to the right or left, and the melting end of the welding wire must not move out of the gas protection zone.

8. Arc welding should be provided in advance when arc welding is started. When the arc extinguishes, the torch cannot be lifted immediately. The gas supply should be delayed until the temperature drops below 250°C.

9. The distance between the gas shield cover and the welding torch should be the shortest, and the gap with the pipe wall should be the minimum. For pipe butt welding, in order to meet the requirements for double-sided forming of single-sided welding, welding is performed in two stages: one for back-end welding (without filler material for back-seam welding) and the other for forming welding. In multilayer welding, it is necessary to wait until the previous weld is completely cooled before welding a next pass.

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