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Welding knowledge of titanium tube

Titanium tube welding is a TiG welding process which uses inert gas to protect welding zone effectively. Because of its special physical and chemical characteristics, the welding process of titanium is different from other metals. When welding, must guarantee: (1) welding zone metal at 250 degrees above, not subject to active gas N, 0, H and harmful impurity elements C, Fe, Mn and so on pollution. (2) coarse crystalline structure can not be formed. (3) no great welding residual stress and residual deformation can be produced. Therefore, the welding process should be in accordance with the reasonable process, strictly according to process quality management standards, the implementation of the whole process of quality control. People, machines, materials, and other factors are in a good state of control, so as to guarantee the welding quality of titanium tubes within a reasonable period of time.

Welding equipment

Welding machine: DC TiG welding machine. The welder shall guarantee excellent working characteristics and regulating characteristics, and shall also be equipped with a good ammeter and voltmeter.

Welding torch: adopt QS 75 degree /500 type water-cooled TiG welding torch. Welding torch should be simple in structure, light and durable, gun body tight, good insulation, air flow stability, clamping tungsten firmly, suitable for welding in various positions.

Argon pipe: semi rigid plastic pipe, not rubber hose and other hygroscopic material. They should be used only when they are used, and shall not be used in conjunction with pipes conveying other gases. Argon gas should not be too long, so as to avoid excessive pressure drop, causing airflow instability, generally not more than 30m.

Welding fixture: using austenitic stainless steel or copper tube, Karan, locking bolts and other sets of titanium tubes and fittings. Make sure that the titanium tube and fittings have a certain clamping force to ensure that the axis is consistent and the gap is even and suitable.

Auxiliary equipment and tools: argon shield, grinder, special file, stainless steel wire brush etc.

Welding technology include four steps- Prefabrication stage, Surface cleaning, Degreasing, welding.

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