1. Lightweight: Compared to steel, titanium is significantly lighter in weight, making titanium tubes ideal for applications where weight is a major factor.
  2. Corrosion resistance: Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion from many different types of acids, alkalis, and salt water, making it suitable for use in many different applications.
  3. Strength: Titanium is one of the strongest metals, making it ideal for applications where strength and durability are important.
  4. High temperature resistance: Titanium can withstand extremely high temperatures without degradation, making it ideal for applications where high temperature resistance is required.
  5. Non-magnetic: Titanium is non-magnetic, making it ideal for use in applications where magnetic fields must be avoided.
  6. Low thermal conductivity: Titanium has a very low thermal conductivity, making it suitable for applications where insulation is desired.
  7. Low friction coefficient: Titanium has a very low friction coefficient, making it ideal for applications where reduced friction is necessary.