What are the Characteristics of Titanium Rods Produced by Extrusion

here are many ways to produce titanium rods, the most common is kneading. So what are the characteristics of the kneaded titanium rods compared to other methods?

(1) The shape of the pipe produced by the kneading method can be very messy, and the pipe with a messy cross section cannot be produced by the rolling method.

(2) The kneading method has great flexibility. You can produce pipes of different shapes and sizes only by replacing things, which is especially suitable for processing small batches of special materials.

(3) During the kneading process, the metal is in a three-way compression stress state, the metal can develop the greatest plasticity, and can also eliminate the shortcomings of the tube blank, and can even use centrifugal casting of titanium billets and continuous casting billets.

(4) Compared with the tube rolling method, the kneading method cannot achieve continuous production, the yield rate is very low, the yield rate is low, the equipment is expensive, and the production cost is high. In addition, the kneading temperature is high, and the tube appearance quality and dimensional accuracy are difficult to control.

(5) In view of the above situation, the quantity of tube produced by the kneading method is very small, and it is mainly used to produce various high-alloy, low-plasticity, and difficult-to-deform titanium rods, such as alloy titanium rods and special alloy titanium rods, and even cermets, Cemented carbide, powder and bimetal composite pipe, etc.

The tube billet heating before reaming is carried out in two steps. First, it is preheated to 800~850°C in the ring furnace, and then heated to the standard process temperature of 1150~1200°C by the industrial frequency induction furnace. The heating speed in the previous step is slow, because of the poor thermal conductivity of titanium alloy rods. The use of power frequency heating is to use its fast heating speed, which can reduce the surface oxidation as much as possible, which is beneficial to the smoothness of the hole expansion and kneading process, and is beneficial to the improvement of the surface quality of the titanium rod.

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