What are the welding conditions for titanium screws?

Industrial titanium screws can be welded by contact welding without special preparation. When there is a relatively thick oxide film layer, it needs to be mechanically cleaned or removed in a 5% hydrofluoric acid solution.


The arc welding of titanium screws is performed in a clean helium gas and a good effect can be achieved by using direct current. At this time, the tungsten electrode is the cathode.


Titanium screws are not suitable for direct welding with nickel, bromochrome, and other nickel-containing alloys because harmful fusible eutectics are formed. Between materials of different properties, molybdenum, tantalum or niobium gaskets with a thickness of fifteen to twenty microns need to be placed. This method can eliminate the contamination of the connection area with other elements, because the dissolution process does not require the use of special solders and does not require prior metallization. It can obtain high-quality vacuum-tight connections, which is the most promising method for titanium screws

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