What is a titanium plate heat exchanger?

Titanium plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger made up of a series of titanium sheets with certain corrugated shapes. Thin rectangular channels are formed between the various plates, and heat exchange is carried out through the half plates. Compared with the conventional tube heat exchanger, its heat transfer coefficient is much higher under the same flow resistance and pump power consumption, and it can replace the tube heat exchanger in the applicable range.

The basic structure of the titanium plate heat exchanger

Titanium plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of two parts: frame and titanium plate. Titanium plates are formed by pressing titanium plates with various forms of molds into corrugations of different shapes, and four corners of the titanium plates are provided with angular holes for media flow channels. The circumference of the titanium plate and the corner holes are sealed with rubber gaskets. The frame is composed of a fixed pressing plate, a movable pressing plate, upper and lower guide rods and clamping bolts. The titanium plate heat exchanger is made by superimposing the titanium plates between the fixed compression plate and the movable compression plate, and then clamped by clamping bolts.

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