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What is Eli titanium?

Alternate Names: Grade 23 Titanium, 6-4 Eli Titanium

Description: 6AL-4V Eli is an alloyed Grade of Titanium. It is strengthened by the inclusion of roughly 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium. Titanium 6AL-4V Eli (Extra-Low Interstitial) is considered a higher purity than 6AL-4V Grade 5 due to its lower inclusions of Iron, and the interstitial elements, Carbon and Oxygen. 6AL-4V Eli typically comes in the annealed condition, but can be found in beta annealed condition as well. 6AL-4V Eli Grade 23 shows high strength and toughness, as well as good corrosion resistance. It is found in aerospace applications where fracture toughness and fatigue strength are important. As a biocompatible Grade of Titanium, it is also known for its applications in medical and dental industries.

Machinability: The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) determined a rating system of machinability of different materials. 160 Brinell B1112 steel was arbitrarily assigned a machinability rating of 100%. Using this as a comparable standard, ratings less than 100% are more challenging to machine, and ratings more than 100% are easier to machine. Titanium 6AL-4V Eli is rated at 22% of B1112. Low cutting speeds, heavy feed rates, sharp tools, and ample cutting fluid are prescribed.

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