What is the density of titanium screws?

In life people often asked how of the density of titanium alloy screw? Waht is Titanium alloy? In fact, titanium alloy is a relatively low density, hardness and strength of relatively high rare metals. In addition, its poor process performance, it’s a little diffult for cutting, in the hot work, it’s easy to absorb impurities such as hydrogen and nitrogen, and its production process is complex.


In recent years, China’s titanium industry development trend is very fast, has become a big supplier of titanium production industry. According to incomplete statistics, China has more than 300 titanium alloy screw production enterprises, China’s titanium alloy screw production as a whole showed a year-on-year growth trend. Titanium alloy screw material is also widely used in machinery and equipment, electronic equipment, communications equipment, hardware lighting, construction bridges and other industries, and gradually also entered the civilian areas.

From the year 2009, in line with the development needs of the aviation industry, titanium alloy industrial production is increased with an average annual growth rate about 8%. Titanium alloys is suitable for field applications tend to have excellent performance, but the cost are expensive. At present, the annual amount of titanium alloy screw processing material has reached more than 10,000 tons, there are dozens of titanium alloy screw grades.


Often made of commodity by materials, almost all in order to take advantage of the low density of titanium screws, usually used in a combination of density requirements and weight requirements. But the titanium alloy screws are not high-strength materials. It is “much stronger than strength”. The so-called “specific strength” is the “strength and density ratio.” The density of the titanium alloy screw is about 50% to 60% of the 45 steel, but the strength and 45 steel equivalent (titanium screws slightly higher than a little bit.


Titanium alloy screws with high strength while also has good heat resistance and low temperature performance, some titanium screws can 450 ℃ -550 ℃ and minus 250 ℃ long-term work. Titanium has a good resistance to salt, sea water and nitric acid corrosion capacity, Ti-30M alloy is able to withstand high concentrations of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid corrosion. Titanium alloy screws these advantages, so that Titanium deserved to be called “space and ocean” metal.

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