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What Specific Industries Or Projects Does The Titanium Chemical Industry Include

1.chlor-alkali industry
Titanium is the earliest in chemical industry, the user is chlor-alkali industry. These include the production of chlorine, chlorine oxide, pesticides, drift powder and so on. In the production of chlorine, titanium equipment and pipes account for almost a quarter of its total mass. such as for metal anode electrolysis cell, ion membrane electrolysis cell and anode liquid pump, column tube wet chlorine cooler, chlorine waste water dechlorination tower, chlorine cooling washing tower, refined salt water preheater, vacuum dechlorination pump and valve, etc.
2.soda industry
In soda production, titanium is mainly used for crystallization external cooler, distillation tower top ammonia condenser, ammonium chloride mother liquor heater, flat plate heat exchanger, umbrella plate heat exchanger, carbonization tower cooling tube, carbon dioxide turbine compressor rotor impeller, lye pump, etc.
3.Vacuum salt industry
Titanium ammonia evaporator, titanium preheater, titanium preheater, titanium flange, titanium tube plate, titanium pump housing and titanium bend.
4. Petroleum fibre
At present, whether imported from abroad, or domestic design and manufacture of polyester, nylon, vinylon and other petroleum chemical fiber enterprises have used some titanium equipment. The application of titanium equipment has played a positive role in the development of chemical fiber production in China, especially for safe and stable continuous production, to improve the quality of products, to prevent premature corrosion failure of stainless steel, to improve the service life of equipment, to reduce stopping and maintenance, and to improve comprehensive economic benefits.

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