What’s Titanium Allouy Crafts

Titanium alloys have excellent thermal stability and high strength, and are widely used in aerospace, defense cutting-edge technology fields, and medicine. However, titanium alloys also have shortcomings, such as anti-blocking ability, poor wear resistance, low electrical and thermal conductivity, and difficult to withstand brazing. Judging from the current research and application situation, anodizing is an effective method. Titanium alloy anodic oxide film has higher hardness, strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance than titanium, and with the change of film thickness, its surface can show various colors, which is an ideal decorative layer and protective layer.

Titanium crafts not only have a luxurious silvery texture, but also can be nitrided on the titanium crafts to become golden yellow, and anodized (depending on the impervious current, temperature, and chemical formulations) to make the titanium crafts show various A kind of gorgeous color (blue, yellow, brown, green, red, etc.) can also be processed by acid etching method, with a very strong layered titanium painting. Titanium crafts include titanium plate paintings, titanium fountain pens, titanium crutches, titanium fishing rods, titanium chess, titanium jewelry (bracelets, tie clips, brooches), etc. Basically crafts that can be made of precious metals can be made of titanium .

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