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Why Medical Titanium Plates Are Widely Used

  Medical titanium plates are used to manufacture titanium alloys for implanted medical devices, prostheses or artificial organs and auxiliary treatment equipment. There are mainly titanium 6 aluminum 4 vanadium, titanium 5 aluminum 2.5 tin, ELI titanium 6 aluminum 4 vanadium and other alloys. They have high specific strength, mechanical properties close to human bones, strength far better than pure titanium, and excellent fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent biocompatibility.

  The ingots used for the production and processing of materials shall be smelted by vacuum consumable electric arc furnace or EB furnace smelting and vacuum consumable electric arc furnace smelting, and the number of smelting shall not be less than twice.

  Chemical composition The chemical composition of the product should meet the requirements of the corresponding brand in GB/T3620.1, and the hydrogen content of pure titanium, TC4 and TC4ELI should not exceed 0.010%. When the buyer re-inspected, the allowable deviation of chemical composition should meet the requirements of GB/T3620.2.

  The mechanical properties of the product should be tested on the sample blank after heat treatment. The recommended heat treatment system for the sample is: pure titanium 550℃~750℃, TC4, TC4ELI and TC20 alloy 700℃~850℃, heat preservation 0.5h~ 3h, air cooling, coil wire can also be vacuum annealed. The supplier can make appropriate adjustments to the heat treatment system.

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