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Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy​ Information

1. Zinc copper titanium alloy has good physical and mechanical properties, mainly manifested as:

(1) High creep resistance, nearly 500 times higher than pure zinc;

(2) The tensile strength is more than 98MPa higher than that of pure zinc, reaching the soft state level of α brass;

(3) The thermal expansion coefficient is reduced by about 1/3 compared with pure zinc;

(4) Excellent molding performance and good processing performance.


2. The application of zinc copper titanium alloy is mainly used in construction, machinery, transportation, instrumentation and other fields, and its application field is constantly expanding. Therefore, zinc copper titanium alloys are also known as “green building materials”. In addition, zinc copper titanium alloy sheet also has excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance and fire resistance, which is especially suitable for buildings in coastal areas and islands.


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